Do you know who Osbert Sitwell is?! No, neither do I, but I found a good few of his books sitting on a shelf in one of the hallways in Sizergh Castle in Kendal Cumbria. I’m curious to find out more about him now.  If Sizergh’s bookshelves are anything to go by, at the very least Osbert’s books encountered some truly dandy binding over the years.

I find a great way to increase your own collection of good and maybe less known literature and authors is to look at what lines the bookshelves of the great and the good, their manor houses and creative and stately homes. I’m very much enjoying this mid cerise-y pink vibe going on in these pictures.  I can’t wait till we can get back to reopening bookshops! I really would benefit from an up close and personal book page flicking, aisle mooching, over coffee cover ogling fix!

Do you feel like you could do with this too?!