Oh how I have such happy memories of reading these books as a child and then again to my children! Some of these are mine from my childhood, but the majority I’ve bought second hand online from eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Amazon recently.

I’ve wanted to do some posts on photographing books for some time now, and just for the record…. these pictures here, none of them, are the final product.

However, I wanted to get started and today I spent literally three or four minutes stacking and playing around with these. I’m already happy with the results. I adore this kind of vintage illustration and so a lot of the creative work is done for you simply by virtue of the fact of their artistic gravity.

If like me you enjoy decorated book covers and creative styling, there is a rich library of examples of stunning book photography aesthetic on Pinterest so do take a look. And if you read any of these as a child and you had a favourite, do let me know!