This are prime examples of pictures that really get on my nerves because of their lack of good lighting and rustic aesthetic vibe, but nonetheless both these soups were packed with healthy and hearty ingredients.  And…. as I have committed, I am keeping a diary of some of my daily meals so that trumps any annoyance I feel regarding posting pictures that haven’t been styled properly!

We’ve been having a lot of soup recently. I’ve often felt soup is an exhausted mother’s quick fix, as you can throw a whole lot of goodness into a cooking pot, leave it to bubble away gently and then serve with bread and butter and additional swiftly prepared toppings, like left over cooked ham or chicken, shop bought cold cuts, tuna or egg mayonnaise.

Even if you spend the same amount of time preparing your Enid Blyton-esque supper as you would have done preparing a mid week roast, it doesn’t feel as long. At least it doesn’t to me.

I find this is also a great way to make serving more wholesome soups more palatable to children. While they slurp somewhat reluctantly on their small bowl of split pea soup, they can distract themselves with the sandwiches with one eye on the cake or bananas and custard for pudding.

In this instance the younger children wolfed down the split pea, tomato and chorizo soup, so that’s one definitely to repeat!

These two soups were, like normal the product of what was left in the cupboard and fridge. When you have a large family all of whom like to cook, you need to constantly replenish your stocks! Although these soups look a bit same-y, they have quite distinctively different flavours.
Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention.