This recipe from the official Coronation Toolkit – Coronation of Their Majesties The King & Queen Camilla on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Camilla is excellent. I love too how broad beans and spinach are a popular choice with home gardeners who like to grow their own vegetables. I wasn’t personally blessed with the green finger gene, but I do benefit regularly from the fruits of other gardener’s labours and I’ve had quite a few enthusiastic discussions around the virtues of the broad bean. Like HM King Charles III, HM Queen Camilla is a keen gardener herself, and I would imagine she grows and enjoys them too.

I baked mine in a flan dish rather than a tin (excuse my slightly wonky picture of the uncooked quiche) and was delighted with the results. The combination of spinach, broad beans, tarragon, cream and eggs was really scrummy and as you can see, having to leave it in the oven for another cook in the family to take it out while I went away for a few days, meant I almost didn’t get any! They were good though and kept me a third I could scoff and photograph for when I got back. I didn’t manage to make my quiche (or savoury tart) quite in time for the Bank Holiday Monday as part of the official Coronation Weekend, but with it being such a good recipe, I will definitely consider making this for future lunches, garden parties or buffets as it has a great cutting consistency as well as an excellent flavour. You can find the recipe here.