Where do I begin with the world famous Ice Hotel in Kiruna Arctic Sweden?! Well probably with the fact that this first picture wasn’t perhaps what you were expecting?

The Ice Hotel houses astonishing and beautiful sculptures carved out of the ice.
‘Snice’ is the actual name given to the snow and ice material used to carve the sculptures and it’s formed especially to provide the annual or every eighteen monthly nominated artists to work with to create their glistening statues and  otherworldly masterpieces.

I have many more pictures of the stunning sculptures which I’ll post very soon, but I wanted to show you this little side room for it’s quite different almost tropical rather unexpected vibe. I loved finding this room in the ice hotel – if the walls and floors weren’t made of ice and snow you could almost envisage a scene from a story about explorers or pirates on a forbidden treasure island or the Caribbean. And really the Ice Hotel immediately transports you to a place like that in your imagination anyway. Not the Caribbean, but certainly a place from another time in history or out of the pages of a mysterious and enchanting novel.

The basket with the rolled up paper and maps, the vibrant pink flower, the toy parrots and more papers like maps or plans all set with bullet points and red ribbon hung on the wall. Absolutely gorgeous all of it!