I made this Swedish prawn, crème fraîche, mayonnaise & dill sandwich filling a few weeks ago and it was very fresh and delicious. I’ve held off writing my blog post for this because I was embarrassed of my pictures which I feel don’t do justice to this wonderful dish. I would like to make this again soon and assemble it up as an actual multilayered savoury Swedish Sandwich cake with mandolined slices of cucumber as is the custom there. I made a large soup bowl size of this filling, so had some with buttered toast and then later on I had more with a jacket potato.

The ingredients for this one I made are:

Fresh Chilled Cooked Prawns

One Regular Size Pot Crème Fraîche with a Couple Dessert Spoons Mayonnaise Stirred Through

Generous Handful Fresh Dill

Some Buttered Toast

Salt & Pepper