This is the Sauna building at Camp Faravid in Arctic Sweden where I was very privileged to be able to visit in 2020 as part of the camp I attended with Adventure & Survival Company X Platoon. I am very sorry I do not have any pictures of the inside, but trust me it is a very very lovely sauna and quite unlike anything I’d experienced in the UK. The Finnish and the Swedes have a long healthy tradition of sauna bathing and relaxing and you have to experience it to understand fully the difference between that and your average British health club sauna experience. Rather than just sitting in the sauna like we tend to do here (although they do that too), the Finns and Swedes take the equivalent of a shower or semi bath in their sauna’s and it’s a glorious, remarkably refreshing way to get washed! I’ll be back soon with more about Swedish saunas!