Easter is a wonderful time of year when the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ causes us to meditate upon the wonder of new life. I love Easter –  the yellow shock of daffodils against the green of the fresh new grass and the new growth on the rose bushes with the promise of gorgeous blooms heady with scent in high Summer, but most of all the blossom on the fruit trees which as well as looking stunning assures me of a plentiful supply for fruit crumbles, tarts and pies.

Another reason why I love Easter is because it gives you an official reason to eat chocolate. Not that you need an official reason to eat chocolate, but you know what I mean. Most of my children feel the same way and as there are six of them, five of whom are still at school, Easter eggs are still a big deal. I always have to do a balancing act when I’m buying Easter eggs for my family because while I don’t want my zeal to be a drag for them, I do want my chocolate to be proper chocolate and as ethically produced and traded as my finances, time and resources will allow. Additionally, if possible I want my children to contemplate the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross and remember the sacrifice of others on our behalf now in 2017. So with all these views in mind I’ve photographed a few of the chocolate treats that I bought this Easter.


Help for Heroes

This year Help for Heroes have produced some chocolate Easter treats in agreement with the retailer where all the profits go to the charity. We enthusiastically support this charity in recognition of the great sacrifice made by soldiers and veterans of our Armed Forces. Help for Heroes produced a large single egg with chocolate buttons and another gift set with two smaller chocolate eggs complete with ceramic egg cups and a fun soldier shaped toast cutter (please see my photos). Find them at www.helpforheroes.org.uk


Green & Blacks

The other eggs I bought were from the British company Green & Blacks whose excellent chocolate is organic and ethically sourced. My picture shows the Milk chocolate egg , but they do Butterscotch, Dark & Mint too, so these are eggs which are suitable for children or adults. I wouldn’t even attempt Easter without the presence of Green & Blacks’s eggs! Find them at www.greenandblacks.co.uk


Chocolate Café Ramsbottom

And if you want something different for a change, why not get an Easter chocolate pizza instead? We are privileged here in Ramsbottom to have a Chocolate Café who produce their own handmade chocolate pizza.  They are made of beautiful quality chocolate with chocolate olives, chocolate cheese and chocolate salami and really look and taste the business. I nipped in to get a special Easter one for my son, but they make them all year round and would recommend them as a great gift idea.  They also sell bars of chocolate, with a range suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as drinking chocolate and a fabulous Rocky road. Find them at www.chocolate-cafe.co.uk