I’ve had a really good day today. Not least because the weather has been glorious and I was able to get out for a relaxing walk in some absolutely stunning countryside. I’ve eaten a lot of very delicious food today too, which was fun…. but I’m conscious not to go crazy after my slow but steady slimming success of the last four and a half months, more of which I will share later. It was very boiling today so when I was going for my walk I couldn’t face wearing hot tracksuit bottoms or anything else cumbersome so I decided to wear my newish (bought during lockdown) lightweight jumpsuit. Please see what I paired it with – a beautiful electric blue superb quality soft leather and horn belt from Deux Mains, a fantastic ethical fashion company based in Haiti, which provides access to education, a liveable wage, health insurance and support to the Haitian artisan designers’ who work for them. They consistently create a gorgeous range of jewellery, sandals and accessories to take you from the office to the evening in style and they’re one of my favourite companies for that reason. Find them on their website deuxmains.com on social media @deuxmainsdesigns or under the hashtag #notasolopursuit .