If you aren’t already acquainted with Skye McAlpine’s stunning new range of tableware, please let me introduce you. Last year, Skye brought out a few different designs of dinnerware under the Italian name Tavola and this beautiful range with the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries embossed around the edges of the dish is my favourite and is called Frutti Di Bosco.

Unsurprisingly this range sold out instantly and so I joined an email waiting list to get some of it! I then twittily managed to miss the email alert letting customers know new stock had come in first time round so when I got another email alert last week, I rushed across to Skye’s website to make sure I got my mitts on a piece. It came beautifully packaged in the post, including a couple of sheets of Venetian marble style tissue paper.

One of Skye’s homes is in Venice so I thought this was a really nice touch, along with the fact this tableware is actually manufactured in Italy, rather than just having an Italian name. A lovely way I feel to give back to the Italian communities and commerce she works and lives in.

Here in the U.K it’s predicted to be a Strawberry Moon on the Luna calendar tonight, so that’s another happy reason to blog this today! Please check out Skye’s cookbooks as well which I’ll be back with soon.