Years ago for a few years, I used to take high quality fish oil capsules not knowing quite the extent of the benefit of taking them upon my system.

Having experienced sustained periods of low mood over the lockdown, I’ve begun to look at the power and usefulness of health supplements in a more dedicated fashion again.

I discovered this brand a few weeks ago and can staunchly recommend it. It’s 100% Soil Association accredited organic and works wonders I find within minutes of being ingested.

Viridian are an multiple award winning brand of ethical vitamins and rear their trout in organically controlled inland waters, with no chemical or industrial refining. Their trout is also naturally free from heavy metals so you’re getting a really pure product pressed within hours at the source. This oil is very high in Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as possessing a full spectrum of 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids too. The citrus flavour is fresh, mild and very palatable. Rather than mixing mine in with food, I just slurp it off the spoon!

At £26.45 for a 200ml bottle it’s not cheap but you’re getting real quality here, so I think it’s worth every penny. I’ve included pictures from how I’ve photographed it on two different backgrounds, so you see the difference.

Both backgrounds are special paper backgrounds (Copper Metal Patina Effect Vinyl & Kai Teal Vinyl) from the talented Sophie at Black Velvet Styling.

Please bear in mind I’ve shot these super quickly with my iPhone with natural window light so I’ve not spent any time at all to do these lovely backgrounds justice!