There are undoubtedly a thousand ways to make a chicken noodle soup and several hundred using a packet soup mix to help you on your way.

Therefore this recipe is probably going to seem so ridiculously elementary as to be unnecessary to explain.

However…. for any of you out there who might feel the need for a genuinely nutritious speedy soup solution for lunch at work or when travelling, this might just be it. I’m new to noodle soup packets so the Naked noodle mix I’ve used today, is one of the first ones I’ve come across that has a pleasant taste that works well with my other cheat ingredients.  

So I’ve used one bowl sized packet of Chilli Chicken flavour mix and added that stirring to 300ml boiling water like instructed on the pack.

I previously slowly poached free-range chicken thighs on the bone with onion, some carrot and herbs to produce a bone broth, but making sure not to over cook to keep the chicken flesh tender.  

When that was cooled a little I took the flesh off the bones, keeping the bone broth stock and carrots hot enough to add a ladle of to my packet mix along with the chicken.


I didn’t this time, but usually I like to add most of a small tin of mildly spiced Korean or Chinese Kimchi and a scoop of full fat coconut milk. Try it, it’s really very decent and the poached chicken could be replaced with sliced chicken from the deli if that’s easier for you and you know you’re getting your protein, your healthy fats and some nutrients and collagen from the addition of the broth.