This year in August the British Parachute Regiment celebrated 80 years since it was founded during the Second World War. The story of how it was founded and the positive difference it made to the war effort is both a thrilling and exciting one as well as showing how determination comes into play and courage is contagious when the stakes are high.

Jason Woods, himself a former paratrooper has written the book shown in my photos, ‘Paras In Action – Ready For Anything’ and it’s an absolutely brilliant book to commemorate the founding of the Regiment as seen through the eyes of those who served with the regiment. Jason’s book is beautifully written with many personal accounts of extraordinary bravery and interest to tell. It really is a wonderful book and I would very much like to write more about it as I get opportunity over the next few weeks and months, but please do consider it as a gift for friends and family for Christmas or otherwise – you won’t be disappointed.  It’s published by Frontline Books and available to buy from the military and history bookshop Pen and Sword Books: Paras in Action – Hardback (  Amazon Paras in Action: Ready for Anything and Waterstones as well as many other good booksellers.