I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m blogging about a Christmas jumper in January, when Christmas has already passed?! Well I bought this lovely Christmas jumper from the The Airborne Shop , the official shop for the charity SUPPORT OUR PARAS (which supports thé Parachute Regiment & The Airborne Forces) before Christmas to wear and blog over the season, then somehow in the kafuffle of swapping round Christmas themed garments to various members of the family for different occasions and celebrations, I mislaid it.

I was so exasperated I’d mislaid it, so when I found it again a few days ago, I felt immediately it was too excellent a jumper to be missed. Since first blogging this yesterday, I’ve added some links for The Airborne Shop website and the jumper, which they still have a few of in stock. Just click on the green text shown above and the link will take you straight there! I would still like to come back and explain a bit more of what the Support Our Paras charity do at a later date but waste no time and get over to their website. They have an excellent website with a lot of quantity and variety of fantastic Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces themed items for sale.

I hope to come back soon with some more photos of me wearing it too, showing better than today’s pictures, how good the quality and style is.