I’ve started keeping a food diary!

I love love love healthy home cooked food but this year I’ve slipped into some really bad habits with what I’ve been eating. I’ve also had some excellent periods when I’ve eaten very healthily and I really don’t want to lose the benefits of my previous hard work, especially when that hard work was taking me towards my goal to get in better shape mentally and physically.

I’ve decided the best way for me to keep track is to photograph some of my meals everyday (even if they’re not very photogenic looking) and to post them on here.

Some days there will be some explanation or musings and a recipe/s with ingredients and instructions and other days it will just be photographs and nothing else.

The idea is to log my food in a way that makes logging it sustainable!

My aim isn’t to impress you with my developing photographic styling skills but rather a generally slap dash visual diary. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be popping in the occasional styling tip I’ve picked up along the way.

Today’s recipe is Spinach and Cauliflower soup made with two and a half large bags of fresh spinach, two medium cauliflowers cut into florets, one very large brown onion, oil to sauté with and chicken stock and milk to bubble and poach the vegetables in once they’ve been sautéed. Add salt and pepper and a few dashes of truffle oil added at the end.

I quite like to slightly under purée this soup so there are some little chunks of cauliflower to be found in the consistency.

Don’t be afraid to add more milk and double cream if once you’ve puréed the soup, the spinach still tangs on the strong side.

Serve with crusty homemade bread sliced and/or toasted if possible and salted British butter.