I ate Bruschetta today. Not the one shown in the picture made magnificently by my son, but in an Italian restaurant in Manchester; also splendidly made and presented. I also ate chicken wrapped in pancetta served kebab style with peppers and red onions, peas and bacon in a creamy sauce and truffle Parmesan fries. It always, always….. has to be truffle and Parmesan fries.

Anyhow, I thoroughly crashed the diet with one superlatively outrageously good meal. I’ve been incredibly disciplined all week and if I’m completely honest, I embarked upon such lavish dining with no small amount of trepidation, matched only by my eagerness to guzzle. 

Immediately after the deed was done though, I was back to ‘everything in moderation mode’ and that is where I will stay. I’ve made too much progress these last few weeks with my efforts to getting in better shape, to ruin all my hard work.

So it will be back to Salmon and Broccoli or Green Beans (a combo I absolutely love) for me tomorrow morning, along with a Banana and Cocoa Vitamin enriched breakfast smoothie and a Babybel Mini (for if I’m too hungry while I’m waiting for my salmon to cook!).