I’m overjoyed with how well these have printed. I have named them my Floral Leaf design and these are my colour options Aqua, Red/Blue and Petal Pink. I have a few more colour options but I’ll blog about those later. 

I’ve been using a company called Photo Canvas for my tea towel trial runs and I really am exceedingly happy with their work and the quality of their linen cotton fabric.

If you go onto their website now there’s still an opportunity to get three tea towels for the price of two, so although normally it would cost you £14.00 per tea towel, they work out more like £9.00 each.

I realise that’s expensive for a larger run of tea towels, but if you want to see what your design looks like first and fix any glitches etc… before you go whole hog, I would definitely recommend it.

I’m currently working with another excellent company to produce larger batches of this design, maintaining the superb quality but costing less to manufacture. I will be printing off more of my Cuban Vintage Cars design (blogged the 15th March) and a few others which will be available for sale in the next few months as well.

So, watch this space! Colourful and fun tea towels are on their way!