I’m on a roll now with these. I think my collection of illustrated and decorative vintage books might be getting slightly out of control!

I think I should maybe stop collecting them, said no art loving book worm ever! I just love them  so much! Especially books that have inscriptions in them from the giver to the recipient of the book or notes, comments and dates written by the owner inside the book.


Do old books do that for you too?!

Sometimes I think my sense of wonder and adventure is magnified by a thousand times what it should be. If you have hearty interests and passions and an over active capacity to day dream yourself, you will understand immediately what I mean.

What is it about a date scribbled on a faded inside page, pungent with that glorious old papery mustiness that can strike up in you a storm of excitement and anticipation of what might have been?


Is it because it leaves much to the imagination and exercising our imagination in the direction of mystery, zest and adventure is beneficial to our sense of well being? I don’t know for sure but I do know is it feels nice, calming too in a way, as well as enervating and is very refreshing to the mind.