So I forgot it was Shrove Tuesday this week meaning there were no pancakes for anyone. This particular oversight hasn’t happened before, despite quite a few times where I’ve had to scramble ingredients together so as not to disappoint the joyful expectancy of my children.

Subconsciously though, somewhere in my brain I must have twigged the day was approaching because instinctively I made a large lemon meringue pie instead. Not all exactly the same ingredients but possessing a similar charm.

My lemon meringue pie filling is made with sweetened condensed milk, a hearty amount of lemon juice and zest and egg yolks. The base is digestive biscuits crushed (easiest done in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin) and mixed and warmed through melted butter giving it a crumbly buttery base. The topping is beautiful and mallow-y and whisked up to soft peaks with egg whites and caster sugar added gradually. The recipe I use is from one of the official Nestle Carnation cookbooks and I will find it for you soon!