This is one of my favourite pictures ever. A view looking into the wonder that is Hong Kong. I took this leaning against our hotel window on my Nikon D700.

I’m still amazed to this day how much of the colours and shapes that make up this complex and beautiful city scape have been captured by the camera successfully. Before we’d travelled, I’d had a debate with myself about whether the virtues of carrying a 1.5kg plus camera everywhere with me was worth it or whether I could get satisfactory results with my iPhone. I’m glad I took the Nikon. I took some side by side photos and the difference between the iPhone and the Nikon is almost beyond comparison. That was in 2015 and now iPhone camera capabilities astonish me. They’re amazing. You would still get a more complex image on the Nikon if you took that picture today though, especially if you zoom in and look closely how how sharp the image is.

I love thé tennis courts sprinkled around in this picture, and the lights set against the beautiful dark of the night sky.