Hi everyone,

I am so sorry not to have a blog post fro you today. I am having trouble with my computer, so it’s going in for a service. I do have some really fun things to tell you about though, so please come back and by next week I should be sorted (hopefully)!

The blog I’m posting today isn’t the one I initially planned for and this, I’m finding is part and parcel of the whole business of blogging. At least it is in my world, with my personal way of seeing things and organising myself.  I had originally wanted to blog about the wonderful ‘Harvest of the Sea’ singing and poetry recital I attended on Tuesday at the church of St.Mary At Hill in Monument, London. I especially wanted to blog about that because today is National Poetry Day and it seemed most appropriate to do so. Trouble with my laptop has meant that it’s on it’s way to the computer hospital and I’ve prepared you a blog on homemade bourbon biscuits instead. Try, at least to contain your excitement. Neither am I being sarcastic, because these are really worth the effort.

The story goes like this. Our youngest son Zaki adores bourbons and so in the Spring, I bought a bourbon biscuit cutter as part of a set of four biscuit cutters including a Jammy Dodger, a Custard Cream and A Party Ring.  I remembered that I had seen a recipe for homemade Bourbon’s in my copy of Katie Shirazi’s book Cookie Magic p30-31 and decided to use that to test run mine. You will be able to see from my picture that I also used her mixture to try out the Jammy Dodger too. Apart from my feeling that I needed to add a little water to bind the biscuit mixture, I think Katie’s recipe is excellent, producing a truly chocolately biscuit with a rich, not overly sweet butter cream filling. I would absolutely recommend trying it as a great thing to do with your children. Our young son Zaki was absolutely ecstatic with the whole process, even if after eating several in a matter of seconds, he came to the conclusion that he still preferred the packaged variety! The ones he didn’t want, were gustily descended upon by everyone else, with unanimous amazement at how big and yummy and convincingly bourbon-esque they were. It was all in all a successful venture and one I will be repeating.


Katie Shiraz Book


Homemade Bourbon Biscuits