Happy New Year 2021 !!! Phew, thank goodness 2020 has gone for good! It’s been a really tough year for so many people and devastating for even more, so now is definitely the time to rally round and bring in the best support and positivity we can to reach those who need it and not consider ourselves above serious reflection or needing help & advice either.

Personally, I’ve always loved a good load of new year’s resolutions and for many years my husband and I wrote down our lists and referred back to them as the next new year approached us, to see what we’d accomplished. For at least a decade we have got out of the habit of that and I think that’s a pity, because I truly believe in the theory that people who keep lists are substantially more likely to achieve more than those who don’t.


I don’t think I’m alone though in feeling like I currently have a goal block; at least this year due to restrictions brought in by virus avoiding decisions. While achieving what feels to me an incredible amount this year and more in the next few days about some of the things I’m delighted and thankful to have achieved! I’m also painfully aware of where I’ve failed. And determined to do something about it. Lots of things. Things that will help carry me closer to those goals in a sustainable way. From personal experience and support and counsel from mentors and friends, I think the most guaranteed way to achieve the more difficult or seemly unreachable things, is by making small positive changes consistently and sticking to them. Moving forward with small steady steps and not stepping back and if there is a regression, making sure it is temporary. We must always be moving forward. For me this translates to, I must find a way to always be moving forward. Even tiny progresses are progress and should be celebrated.

It’s easy to write this now when I’m relaxed and in peaceful journaling mode. When the children are asleep and there is quiet to think and consider. But how so extremely difficult it is to stay on track when you are tired and overwhelmed, pulled in a hundred directions – stressed to the max.

One thing I do is write, this is what I do. I write and pour it all out, or at least a good lot of it.  And this is one reason I know I definitely need help with staying on track with some major goals I have for this year 2021.  Because if I’m writing and writing and I’m still not achieving success with my goals then I know I need to change strategy. I need a different approach, something stronger, more powerfully motivating. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing; I don’t think I’m capable of that anyway; Writing is hugely therapeutic for me. 


But I know I need the help and support of others to overcome this block of goal achieving and motivation and that my goals will he achieved in 2021 by the grace of God and by putting one foot steadily in front of the other. For someone in many ways more naturally inclined to galavanting, that in itself will be no small achievement!


P.s The salad Nicoise picture is there because one of my goals is to eat more nutritiously, including lots more salad!