I found these pictures today and they brought back some very happy memories of many years ago. This was our first AGA and we chose to have it in Racing Green.  We bought it reconditioned, although it looked absolutely brand new and never let us down. 

The people who had lived in our house before us had built and installed a very large traditional linen maiden and we used to dry everything on it above the AGA. I really missed that maiden when we moved! I used to love to hang my pans on hooks above it and my cooking utensils on a pole inside the cove it was installed in.  The tiles we chose from Fired Earth, again a first for us. I can’t remember the exact colour names for the other tiles, but I do remember the peachy red one was called Strawberry Hill. Notice too my enamelled strawberry kettle on the marine green-y shelf to the right. The children loved that kettle when they were younger and it holds such precious memories for me. I still have that kettle twenty years later where it sits in my cabin for brews!