I’ve always loved this scripture verse taken from the book of John chapter 10 & verse 10 in the New Testament. It’s explaining that God’s Son Jesus came and died so that trusting in Him we could live life to the fullest.

“ I have come that they might have life and have life abundantly!”

Why trust Christ? Because He never fails. Our prayers might feel a long time in getting answered and they might not always get answered in the way in which we hoped, but trusting in God to forgive us, because of Christ’s sacrifice by allowing Himself to be executed by Roman crucifixion, is a HUGE relief.

He’s done it so we don’t have to!

When I was a young child, for a while I was troubled by the thought that maybe as a Christian, I would have to be crucified too. I remember asking my father about it one day and him telling me that no absolutely not, would I or any other single other person on the planet have to be crucified so they could become a Christian. Otherwise, what was the point in Jesus coming if we could do it ourselves?! Ineffective do it yourself salvation!

That’s not an excuse for spiritual or practical Christianity laziness and certainly not to deny that there are actually vast numbers of people across the world now who are suffering for their faith, even suffering crucifixion, but rather that Christ dying was designed to give us wonderful Liberty known on a level no other way.

Rather than meaning stuffy, teacherly, moaning, prescriptive, exasperating rules and regulations, created to suck the Life and soul out of you, God the Creator of this glorious world wants us to live in love, joy, peace, harmony and justice, to thrive abounding and to love our neighbour as ourself.

Praise be to God for sending His son to die in our place and not keeping Him up there in heaven out of harms way and leaving us to it. That’s why we follow in Christ’s footsteps when we exercise sacrificial love towards others and even when it’s hard, God sees that sacrifice and being a debtor to no man, He gives us peace and joy and promises to bless us in so many ways. 

“I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly!” John 10v10b