As World Book Day 2021 is virtually upon us and the one year anniversary of my Arctic Adventure expedition with X Platoon and Cold Skills arrives simultaneously, I would like to share some books and photos that provide some celebratory musings for remembering both. As part of this treat, for you and definitely for me, I’ve indulged in buying some excellently written and exceptionally photographed Swedish cookbooks. There is more I would like to say about these books at a later date, but for the next few days I would just like to show you their titles and beautiful front covers.


Please note that while Niklas’s book has been translated into English, the copy of Carina’s book I currently have is in German. I’m in the process of hopefully getting hold of a Swedish copy! 



Appropriately so, my son with some help has been making a Thor’s hammer to go with his Thor costume for dressing up in tomorrow. Thankfully I successfully averted him away from the idea of casting his hammer in concrete – we concurred that one kilogram of wood, would be heavy enough to give a sufficiently weighty impression.

Suffice to say I am lovingly maxed out on YouTube videos showing what appears to be the entire world of Hollywood actors, directors, producers, stunt men and every possible obscure person in the film studio trying to lift said official film prop hammer. I have been informed with much glee by my son, that only those who are worthy can lift it! Now all there is left is to paint it and after an epic mother fail today due to tiredness, we don’t have any silver paint.

After discussion about the various other ways we could create the metal effect he wants, my son is still certain he wants the paint. So up we will be early tomorrow to get us some silver paint and in the event there isn’t any, silver nail polish will have to do. Trust me, you would be amazed what you can paint with nail polish; the added bonus being it dries very quickly.  So… bring on World Book Day and my Reading Force military charity Arctic Adventure anniversary!