Today has been a great day for eating and our lovely evening meal of pork sausages, homemade chips and steamed broccoli was prepared for us by one of our sons. It truly is a blessing when your children can cook for you as well as for themselves! In amongst the joy of including them in your cooking and baking when they’re little it can be so tiring and takes a lot of patience. It also creates so much mess in your kitchen you can feel intimidated about encouraging them to be enthusiastic about creating their own culinary delights. But I’ve found it’s so worth it, because you have given them a little bit of indépendance and especially when you see you’ve helped them to grow a love for fresh delicious nourishing food and can cook and bake with confidence.

I’ve posted pictures of some of my favourite teas on here today, partly as an excuse to try out one of my new photography backgrounds.  On account of the numerous health benefits of turmeric root, a turmeric infusion is something I’m trying to get into the habit of drinking more often. Although I enjoy turmeric very much in savoury food, it’s not my favourite thing to drink stirred into warm milk. I’ve taken instead to adding a smaller amount into my Green & Blacks organic hot chocolate where it adds a very mild spiced flavour that I can down a lot more easily!  A lot of people however find turmeric ‘golden milk’ very palatable, so it’s definitely worth a try.