Today I’ve been extremely busy and I’ve eaten hardly anything of great substance to no apparently significant negative short term consequence.

I’ve had three soft poached eggs on wholemeal toast with butter this morning and then forgetting I’d had that for breakfast, I had a Starbucks toasted egg mayonnaise sandwich for dinner. I’ve had far too many hot chocolates today – three (albeit organic ones) and 3-4 large cups of Earl Grey tea.

And water. A good amount but not as much as I usually like. And two digestive biscuits.

And one single piece of Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate. 

I’ve had a really good day, and have managed to secure myself a great reasonably priced bookcase for my bedroom hence big win, but I find myself this evening feeling low and dismayed at the prospect of more severe lockdown measures.

I am however extremely grateful that churches are still going to be able to meet for worship, as those Christians of us believe that prayer really does work and we definitely need to exercise prayer at this time of national crisis. And that fellowship with other believers is important for our mental and emotional health.

The picture I’m posting today is actually five years old. I took it at Daylesford Organic Farm in February of 2015 while attending a Raw Cooking Workshop. In the little dish was some really amazing no-cook avocado and chocolate mousse we made.  I’d never tried avocado chocolate mousse before but was truly wowed by this indulgent creamy treat that didn’t leave me with a sickly aftertaste. To this day it’s something I very much like to make.

I felt it was a good picture to represent the copious amount of chocolate I have consumed today and symbolic of my indulging myself in buying a bookcase and turning a little corner of my room into a reading sanctuary.