My breakfast of Avocado & tomatoes on toast with Green & Black’s hot chocolate made with Jersey dairy milk.

And…. preparations for Christmas Day. Onions, bay, cloves and mace infusing in warm milk ready to add freshly made (although from slightly crispy bread is easier!) bread crumbs in the morning to make my beloved bread sauce – this time to Nigella’s recipe. Christmas pudding fruit preparation is done (another one of Nigella’s fabulous recipes), although I substitute soaking the prunes, sultanas and currants in orange juice instead of Pedro Ximinez and brining the turkey overnight in a spiced sweet and sour liquor consisting of oranges, clove studded onions, caraway seeds, mustard seeds, maple syrup and honey, salt and sugar to follow Nigella’s Stirling advice for a super juicy result tomorrow. I will post pictures of that tomorrow.

My daughter has made two amazing chocolate Yule logs and a Nigella’s store cupboard chocolate orange cake made with dark chocolate and delicious marmalade. The stuffing is prepped too, so off to bed to get some sleep before the mad bustle in a few hours! Have a fabulous Christmas everyone and let’s hope and pray for true joy and blessing as we remember the wonderful gift of God sending His son to this earth to become a tiny human, so we might have joy and peace forever.  Let’s also pray for God’s mercy protection and comfort on those who do not have the comfort, security and privileges we have and pray also that we would be able to help our fellow brothers and sisters across the world at this time and as we move forward into 2021.

“God contracted to a span, incomprehensibly made man”