On Tuesday this week, I blew thirty-five quid on wonderful chocolate from Fortnum & Mason in London. I’m not normally prone to such heights of extravagance, but I had a blog post to write and so I convinced myself I would blog on chocolate, hence finding some semblance of justification for my splurge. Not actually, that any explanation needs to be given for eating significant quantities of Fortnum & Mason chocolate. The fact that it is Fortnum & Mason chocolate, is reason enough.

All of the chocolate I’m showing you here today is scrumptious, but obviously reflects my personal taste, rather than offering you a comprehensive guide of the entirety of what Fortnum & Mason have in stock.

From clockwise in the image above – Amelia Rope Chocolate, Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt Edition 03 (showing the underside), Valrhona, 46% Cacao Milk Chocolate, Pump Street Bakery, Ecuador 60% Dark Milk, Fortnum & Mason No 38 Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate and then Amelia Rope Chocolate, Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt Edition 03 again (right side up). The same bars of chocolate are shown below in their beautiful packaging.

A selection of chocolate bars from Fortnum & Mason's, London, UK.


I also bought some gorgeous chocolates from the selection of single chocolates available at Fortnum & Mason.


A Selection of Fortnum & Mason's Chocolates.

Starting clockwise from chocolate closest to the ribbon & working from the outside into the centre – Milk Caramel Truffle, Fresh Mint Ganache, Salted Caramel Ganache, Dark Chocolate Blackcurrant Cream, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Hand Rolled Cocoa Dusted Truffle, Mediterranean Orange Truffle, Dark Chocolate Rose Cream, Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Truffle, Lychee & Rose Ganache & Milk Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel.

And last but absolutely not least, I helped myself to a Fortnum & Mason in-house Salted Caramel Moelleux, which I scoffed on the train journey home with a cup of British Rail tea. I realise that in some circles, that may be considered culinary blasphemy, but it just looked so good, I couldn’t wait!



Some redemption was made later however, when I ate a few of my chocolates with a cup of thoroughbred Fortnum & Mason Green Sencha Tea.

Fortnum's Chocolates & Sencha Green Tea