What a joy it was to spend a few hours this evening sitting by the campfire on the beach. I’m so proud of my son who built this fire so we could heat up the tomato, paprika and garlic fish stew I had prepared at home and had brought in a Thermos flask. We’d hoped to make it on site but had run out of time in the day and did not want to waste the opportunity of using my Zebra camping saucepan for the first time! I cooked some basmati rice at home as well and quickly popped it into a lidded plastic tub while it was still hot and put that into a small insulated lunch bag. Thankfully it stayed warm for about half an hour until I was able to serve it with the stew on the beach and we enjoyed it! My son was delighted to be able to heat up some milk and make us hot cocoa (Green & Blacks of course!) including some for a friend who joined us later on.

As you can see, it was very dark by the time we got there so I don’t have any clearer  pictures of what we ate but I will share some very soon!  I also apologise if my pictures today look quite same-y!  I didn’t have my Nikon or Sony with me. The plan tomorrow is to do a rerun in the daylight!