Over the Christmas period we had a fire in our cabin, which thankfully wasn’t serious despite burning for over an hour. Phew!!!!! I’m always so careful so I have been very cut up to have failed to prevent such a situation. I am relieved beyond words the fire was contained and my cabin saved! Come back to hear what happened tomorrow, but to cut a long story short for now, it seems my fire lighters spontaneous combusted in the cabin heat, due to the over efficiency of my log burner and the dry heat and temperature of the cabin.

This was the photo I took about forty five minutes before it appears the fire started. Notice how tidy it is (the cabin was practically sparkling) and the brand new bed socks I had put on the beds for my guests!

The morale of the story is: Don’t leave fire lighters or anything highly combustible next to a fire/log burner. Make sure your fire lighters, easy light logs and matches are stored away from the heat source and in a metal container. Matches can be stored inside a glass container, like a Kilner jar or some other kind of toughened glass container.