Ever since my Arctic trip in March last year I’ve been on the hunt for some really good books on cooking outdoors. It’s long been an ambition of mine to learn how to cook in the wild or even the garden, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I bought my first book of that ilk about seven years ago, but have only gazed longingly at it on my overly furnished cookery book shelf. It was called Smoke by a Texan chef called Tim Byres and I don’t think it’s helped that it was a book that specialises in building fire pits and ovens in the ground and leaving joints of meat to roast for up to twenty four hours! A situation very hazardous if your children are still young.
What I want to say about this book is it’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and I am so excited to be getting stuck into learning more about everything Bushcraft and camping cooking wise. Wilderness Chef is superbly readable and beautifully comprehensive. Thank you Ray!