I have never eaten at Harvey Nichols Bar and Brasserie before, but last week I went for lunch there on both Thursday and Friday. If you read my previous blog post, you will already be aware that on the Thursday, I was treated to lunch there by a very special friend and had been really pleased with the service and cuisine. Well, Friday was my husband’s birthday, so after such a favourable experience the day before, we decided that it was definitely worth returning.

Manchester’s Harvey Nichols Bar and Brasserie is situated on the top floor and there are great views of the street and shops outside & below. I wanted to share those views with you, which is why so many of my food photographs for this blog post are framed against the huge Harvey Nichols window.

There is a familiarity, especially in the North but also across the UK, with sitting inside a warmly lit room, while observing a brooding and sometimes stormy grey blue sky outside. I personally find that experience comforting – I like the rain and stormy weather anyway, even being out in it, but for me there is something lulling and quietening about your proximity yet protection from the foreboding gloom. And it is surely enhanced if you have something hot and nourishing to eat in your possession.

For most of our meal, the sky was as it is depicted in my photo, but from our sheltered viewpoint, it only served as a perfect backdrop to the glistening lights and digital signs reflecting in the rainy streets below.

If you look carefully, you may also notice that the right hand side of the sky in my Rice Pudding Dim Sum feature image is showing a reflection of a crane. I could have easily photoshopped this out, but if you go into Manchester now, it is very evident that there is a lot of construction work going on, which for those of us who are Mancunian, is exciting. So…I left it in.

This is what we ate.

For our starter, we shared a Baked Camembert with apricot, honey and ale chutney and a variety of breads. I have to admit, baked Camembert is one of my favourite things.




Here is another picture of our Baked Camembert, but again with a view of the street and buildings outside.


Camembert Chutney Apricot, Honey & Ale Chutney with Breads

Next we chose to have the same main course, which was Ox Cheek with truffled celeriac puree, glazed parsnips and straw potatoes.





Oliver my husband had red wine and I had a lovely Bramble cocktail, which was really fresh & fruity. It was more of a natural delicate pink rather than the punchy day glo red in my picture – I got a little carried away with the curves feature on my Photoshop software! I just think it looks so pretty!


Bramble Cocktail Harvey Nichols


And we finished with Rice Pudding Dim Sum with Rhubarb & Lemongrass as shown at the top and it was absolutely scrumptious. All in all an excellent meal. When we first arrived I had mentioned to the delightful Harvey Nichols staff that it was my husband’s birthday and for a surprise at the end of our meal, they brought over this lovely birthday plate. Thank you so much Harvey Nichols!


Happy Birthday Plate


Shambles Square, one of the views from Harvey Nichols top floor Bar and Brasserie in Manchester.

Shambles Square, Manchester, UK