The blog I initially had planned for today was all about beautifully illustrated vintage and current books, but God had different plans! On the way back from school, while watching a mummy duck waddle along with her ducklings in tow, two of her ducklings fell down a drain at the side of the road.

Determined to save the lovely little fluffy creatures we leapt out of the car, enlisted the help of a couple of nearby builders and crowbarred open the heavy metal drain cover releasing the babies and lifting them out. It was very exciting as well as distressing but sadly, by the time we’d released the babies, the mother and her other ducklings were no where to be seen.

So we brought them home and with the help of google, we are giving them the best care we can muster, in the hope that they’ll make it through the night until working out likely rivers, ponds and streams they might have been headed towards, we can get them back to their mother tomorrow.

We might just keep them though, I’m not sure I can bring myself to take them back where I worry they will get lost or hurt again. I have more photos showing how snug, dry and safe they are now in their box in the bathroom, but those will be for another day!