It’s late, 12.47am actually and after a very busy and successful day I’m shattered, but I am determined to blog something for you, and for me. So, I am sharing with you some of my holiday pictures from the Summer last year. I know that might seem like an odd thing to do at Easter, but knowing that I will find it significantly demoralising if I fail to post a blog tonight/this morning, to my mind, it’s a kind of psychological trade off. And I do have an Easter blog to post as well, albeit late. Imagine I am behaving a little bit like those people who in the non-digital days, used to whip out, no less than five packs of thirty-six snaps, to show to anyone, who not anticipating the need for any form of exit strategy in advance, were unable ‘in the face of such ardent enthusiam on behalf of the owner of the epic stack’, to muffle the vaguest sign of viewing consent. Yes. So, we visited Les Issambres in the South of France about ten miles away from St.Tropez & it really was beautiful as well as fiercely hot, as they were experiencing a heat wave out there, of a sort quite unusually furnace like even for them, so even the locals were sweating profusely.


It’s sunny. There is wine. And sunsets. And noisy crickets. And the sea was gorgeously warm to swim in and we had a swimming pool at our villa.  And not much rest because we were on holiday as a whole family – actually the first time we had been abroad as a whole family in ten years and the first time I had been abroad in eight years (apart from Sicily earlier in 2015 in January).  I have been given opportunity to go abroad quite a few times, but with six children, even the thought of the preparation and work involved in going gave me a hernia. But last year, I finally felt that it was time to bite the bullet and so we flew from Manchester to Nice and then drove (we had to hire two cars to fit us all in and make it viable, so next time it will be on the ferry with our large vehicle) and I am so glad we did because the children had an incredibly happy time. It was well worth it.

I’m so tired I’m sticking my pictures on in the order I can manage through bleary eyes, so if you come back again to read this blog another time, you may find that I’ve changed everything around.